INORI -PRAYER- is the latest work of real-time tracking and face projection mapping using a state-of-the-art 1000fps projector and ultra-high speed sensing. This work has created a worldwide buzz and won many awards in Japan and abroad. In this work, the use of the state-of-the-art DynaFlash 1000fps projector and ultra-high speed sensing enabled a face mapping system that can track even the most intense performances, which was previously impossible. After three months of repeated trial and error to shave off a few milliseconds, the new system was completed. The expressive power of the system was dramatically enhanced to the extent that it appears to be an integral part of the skin itself.
The theme of the work is "Radioactive," and was inspired by the radioactive contamination accident in FUKUSHIMA. The "death," "suffering," and "sadness" of the people caused by "Radioactive. These are expressed by face mapping such as "black tears," "skulls," "faces to be cut," and "Noh masks of anguish. AyaBambi's destructive performance with these on their backs appears as a strong will to overcome difficulties. At the end, the girls offer a prayer to break through the evil reality and open the future.

最新鋭1000fpsプロジェクターと超高速センシングによるリアルタイムトラッキング&フェイスプロジェクションマッピングの最新作「INORI -PRAYER-。本作品は、世界的なバズを生み、国内外で多くのアワードを受賞しました。本作では、最新鋭の1000fpsプロジェクターDynaFlashと超高速センシングの使用により、これまで不可能だった激しいパフォーマンスも追従できるフェイスマッピングシステムを実現しました。約三ヶ月に渡り数ミリ秒を削るためトライ&エラーを繰り返し、今回のシステムを完成しました。それ自体が皮膚の一部と一体化しているように見えるほど、表現力が飛躍的に高められました。


Nobumichi Asai [Creative Director | Technical Director - WOW]
Shingo Abe [CG Director - WOW]
Atsushi Yoshimura [Programmer - WOW]
Ayaka Motoyoshi [Assistant Producer - WOW]
Eiji Tanigawa [Director | Editor - TOKYO]
Senzo Ueno [Director of Photography - TOKYO]
Toshiyuki Takei / Shinya Masuda [Producer - TOKYO]
Minami Chiwaki / Yuma Yoshimura / Kohei Takayama [Production Manager - TOKYO]
Suzuko Ohgaki [Making Director - TOKYO]
Aya Sato [Choreographer]
AyaBambi [Cast]
Tomorio Takahashi [Gaffer]
Hisashi Morikawa / Mie Inaba / Akihiko Imai [Light Assistant]
Takashi Ideguchi [Camera 1st Assistant]
Shibuya Hiromi / Fujii Ryosuke [Camera 2nd Assistant]
Setsu Fukushima  / Ryosuke Taniguchi [Music - Ongakushitsu Inc.]
Yosuke Nagao [Music Composer]
Yasuo Fukuda [Colorist]
Ryota Abe [Online Editor]
Mizuki Kawano [Mixer - TAIYO KIKAKU co.,ltd]
Special Thanks
Yoshihiro Watanabe [Ishikawa Watanabe Laboratory,University of Tokyo]
Masatoshi Ishikawa [Ishikawa Watanabe Laboratory,University of Tokyo]
Tomoaki Teshima [Exvision]
Takeshi Yuasa / Kiwamu Sumino / Hiroshi Watase /Toru Yamashita 
Atsuko Kushima / Tomoaki Kiguchi

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