The Australian electronic duo Empire Of The Sun has released their “On Our Way Home EP”. We was in charge of music video direction and production for the track “Way To Go”. Their journey dives deep into mental spirituality and blends with the world beyond the dimension. With the motif of “faces” representing individual identities, it shows how it changes into psychedelic in chaos while diving deep into spirituality. The face of Empire Of The Sun was recreated in CG by using photo scans. 400 markers were placed on their faces to captures nuances of their fine facial expressions while they sang. The captured data, along with CG data of faces acquired through photo scans, was used together with motion capture data in the actual shooting to create it. In the behind-the-scenes movie, parts of the production process are introduced.
オーストラリアのエレクトロニックデュオ・Empire Of The Sunが、『On Our Way Home EP』をリリース。収録曲『Way To Go』のMVのディレクション・制作を担当しました。精神の深層へと潜っていく彼らの旅路と、その先で精神と世界が次元を超えて溶け合い、つながっていく様子を表現。個人のアイデンティティとしての「顔」をモチーフに、精神の深層に潜っていく中で、それがカオスでサイケデリックに変化していくさまを印象的に描きました。制作を進める上で、Empire Of The Sunの顔を、完全に一度CGデータ化。400個のマーカーを彼らの顔に貼り、細かい表情のニュアンスも含めたフェイシャルキャプチャを行いました。そのキャプチャデータと、フォトスキャンによる彼らの顔のCGデータ、実写撮影時のモーションキャプチャデータを組み合わせて制作を行いました。→Making
Universal Music

Creative Director:Nobumichi Asai
Director:Ryo Kitabatake 
CG Designer:Tsutomu Miyajima, Daisuke Moriwaki, Shota Oga
Technical Director:Nobumichi Asai 
Producer:Nobumichi Asai 
Assistant Producer:Ayaka Motoyoshi 
Camera:Kimihiro Morikawa
Lighting Director:Ryu Shima (NAGAIHOSHI Co.,Ltd.)
Compositor&Colorist:Akio Sakamaki (jitto inc.)
Digital Humans & Performance Capture

Producer:Kazuhiko Mino
Motion Capture Supervisor:Kenya Miki
Facial Capture Supervisor:Hiromu Kinoshita
Digital Artist:Tomoya Tanaka, Deng Xiaohui, Cheng Ze, Satoko Itakura
Motion Capture Specialist:Yuuka Tomita, Kouta Isomura, Kazuya Takahashi, Riku Okada, Rina Sawada
Facial Capture Specialist:Taisei Kurita, Manami Kira, Diogo Ribeiro
CG Project Manager:Yuko Sadaki
CG Producer:Sawami Takahashi
Production Supervisor:Ayumu Kasai
Special Thanks
Translator:Mika Iwasaka, Michiru Sasaki (WOW inc.), Sumiko Shiraishi (F.O.A. Inc.)

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