Japan's first permanent "180-degree experience type projection mapping" was created in the dockyard garden, which was originally a shipyard dock and is now designated as a National Important Cultural Property. This groundbreaking approach, combining the concepts of projection mapping and virtual reality, attracted 10,000 visitors in the first month and a half after its opening and continued to run for several years. The company developed its own innovative systems, including camera-mapping technology for continuous projection of images on a staircase-like screen, an automatic color correction system to offset the shading of blocks on the walls, an automation system to automate daily operations, and a remote maintenance system. For content, a plan was devised that combines cultural and entertainment aspects of experiencing Yokohama's history in a time machine.
This work is the fourth stage of a project realized in collaboration with Pikachu.

producer/technical director nobumichi asai
director daisuke hashimoto
software engineer/programmer toshiyuki takahei [orihalcon tecnologies, inc.]
software engineer naoya ueda [orihalcon tecnologies, inc.]
executive producer osamu enari
creative director jun nishida
planner/producer yasuhiro suzuki

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