This holographic work was created in collaboration with Sony R&D. The 40 laser projectors manufactured by Sony have succeeded in depicting an object that actually has a volume in space.
(Each of the 40 projectors is connected to a mini-PC, and the same 3D object is projected from each of them, The same 3D object is projected from each of them. The difference between the position and angle of each projector is calibrated in advance by camera calibration, so that all 3D objects overlap at a single point in space. This work was exhibited for six months at Media Ambition Tokyo and the Triennale Art Museum in Milan.

Holograms being calibrated with special equipment


Nobumichi Asai [Planner / Producer / Technical Director ]
Takuma Nakaji [ Director - Wow ]
Tomoya Kimpara[ Cg Designer - Wow ]
Special Thanks
Notuv [Music]
Tokuro Oka [Music Director]
Kimihiro Morikawa [Camera ]
Takafumi Sato [ Solidray ]
Masahiro Samejima  [ Solidray ]
Kimihiro Katayama  [ Solidray ]
Hidekazu Oishi [ Solidray ]
Ayaka Motoyoshi
By Sony Corporation, Device Solution Business Group, Analog Lsi Business Division

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